Centre Yves-Thériault

Registration by appointment only.


To register for the day courses, we will give you an appointment between

8 h 30 a.m and 16 h 00.

To register for the evening courses, we will give you an appointment between 17 h 30 and 20 h 30.

At the time of your appointment, the instructors will evaluate your level of proficiency in French.

 Important: An appointment does not guarantee a seat for the next session.

If we are not able to register you, we will add your name to the waiting list. The students whose names appear in the waiting list have priority for the next session.

A fee of $40 is mandatory and only payable at the time of your registration.


Born in Canada: Birth certificate

Newly-made Canadian: Citizenship card

Newly-arrived resident: Permanent resident card

Accepted refugee: C.S.Q.

Claimant of refugee status: Document of asylum claim


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